Acoustic Door Technical Specification

Note: The term 'doorset' on this page refers to complete assemblies (including frame, seals, threshold, doorleaf and hinges). To achieve the optimum fire and acoustic performance, the acoustic doors must be supplied and fitted as complete.


Acoustic doors are high performance constructions available in two standard acoustic ratings:

High performance version is called D44 and has a sound reduction value of Rw = 44dB (Double leaf doorset is 41dB rated

Medium performance version is called D35 and has a sound reduction value of Rw = 35dB

Other acoustic ratings such as 38dB may be available on request


Single leaf 44dB doorset 85kg
Single leaf 35dB doorset 74kg
Double leaf 41dB doorset 144kg
Double leaf 35dB doorset 123kg

Standard Size Door
Single leaf (The size of the door itself)
2040mm high x 926mm wide
External overall doorframe size: 2110mm high x 1012mm wide
Double leaf doorsets  
External overall doorframe size: 2110mm high x 1790mm wide
Door leaf size:(The size of the door itself) 2040mm high x 850mm each

Width and height of a standard sized acoustic doorset





Other sizes may be available on request.
44 dB and 41dB doorleafs are 64mm thick.
35dB doorleafs are 54mm thick.

Standard doorframe: 90 x 40mm hardwood section complete
with a 30mm door stop and 90 x 20mm threshold.
Deeper frame depth can be supplied upon request.







Acoustic doors can fire rated on request


Acoustic Doorsets are supplied with hinges and seals pre-fitted.  Handles, lockcases etc. are usually supplied and fitted by others to suit customer requirements.


Veneers: Standard veneers as below.  Others on request.

Choices of veneer finishes for acoustic doorsets

These veneer colours are for indicative purposes only.  Due to
printing and scanner reproduction restraints, differences may occur
between finishes printed above and the actual product.  Veneer
differences may occur between different doorsets as veneers are cut
from differing individual trees.

Paints:  Paint primer finish as well as a full range of NCS plus BS
and RAL equivalents are available.

Laminates:  Print grade laminate as standard but most other
proprietary laminate ranges can be supplied at additional cost.


Vision panels, glazed in clear 17mm fire and acoustic safety glass, is only
available on the 35dB doorsets.  Other options for vision panels are available

on request such as wheelchair vision panels.

Type of vision panels available for acoustic doorsets


Perimeter seals are integrally fitted in the frames and an automatic lift threshold seal at the base of the door leaf. Other seals may be available on request.

Acoustic test results for acoustic doorsets and the amount of noise they will stop