Acoustic Laminate Underlay Install Guide

Download this as a PDF file here

Detail of how Acoustic Laminate Underlay is installed beneath laminate floors to reduce impact noise to rooms beneath

1. The subfloor must be level, sound, dry and free from dust, grease and other contaminants.
It must be free from excessive moisture with a relative humidity not exceeding 75% (in accordance with BS5325). A hygrometer test should be performed in all new buildings to check for excessive levels of humidity.

2. The Acoustic Laminate Underlay should be laid foil side up with each roll of underlay closely butted to one another. The underlay should be trimmed to lap up the walls.

3. Tape all joins with our PVC or Aluminium Jointing Tape and press firmly into place.

4. Once the flooring has been fully laid, trim the underlay to the top of the flooring, fit skirting or quadrant to finish.

5. PVC jointing tape used in conjunction with Acoustic Laminate Underlay creates a new, moisture-resistant sub floor onto which the new wood or laminate flooring can be installed.