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7.3m x 1.37m x 4.2mm thick.

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soundproofing:   Acoustic Laminate Underlay

corner turned up of Acoustic Laminate Floor underlay with gold foil beneath


A superior Acoustic Laminate Underlay designed to reduce impact sound into rooms beneath when used under laminate or lightweight wooden floors instead of the normal cheap foam usually supplied with the product.

It is far superior to alternative laminate floor underlays as our sound loss performance data shows.


"I purchased a roll of your Acoustic Laminate Underlay. It has noticeably reduced the noise of footfall on the laminate and I have not heard any complaints from my downstairs neighbours. It also seems to have insulated the floor from cold a bit better than the previous (cheap) underlay. Kind Regards, Andreas Baas""


Our impact reducing Acoustic Laminate Underlay is designed specifically to reduce the impact noise (walking/footfall) creating when walking on a laminate, engineered wood and solid timber floors. When you walk on these surfaces a large amount of impact as well as airborne noise is created (due to the hard surface) this can often be a nuisance to the people living below.

The Laminate Underlay is made up of a 4.2mm layer of high density resilient rubber sponge with a foil faced moisture barrier laminated to one side. It can be easily cut with a knife or scissors and if used in conjunction with a few layers of our soundproofing mats it will provide both impact AND airborne noise reduction through the floor with minimal height rise. For an enhanced reduction in noise, AMW100 Acoustic Mineral Wool or the more effective Acoustic Quilt should be installed between the joists before installing a laminate floor.


Weighted Impact Sound Improvement Index (Delta Lw) 27dB!!
This is a substantial improvement in impact noise transfer over not having an acoustic underlay and if soundproofing mats are used in conjunction as well then this figure will be even higher.

Sone wood/laminate flooring test
Drum sound emission (Overall loudness)
Typical 2.5mm PE Foam=77 Sone - this product tested at only 53 Sone!

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