SoundBlocker Quilt SBQ2 Installation Guide

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How to soundproof a floor, wall or ceiling

A dust mask is advisable when working in confined areas such as lofts. The SoundBlocker Quilt SBQ2 sound absorber/barrier is installed in a similar way to standard glass fibre rolls.

The 600mm wide quilt is designed for installation between the floor joists and should be unrolled along the length of the joist and dropped down between the joists so that the edges of the quilt lap up the sides of the joists as shown on the diagram below.

The only trimming required is to reduce the length of the product so that it sits between the joists wall to wall. The edges of the quilt should then be fixed to the joists using battens or upholstery type staples. It is important the quilt is perfectly sealed to the joists to reduce air and sound leakage.

Lengths of offcuts can be used as well and should be jointed using a 50mm x 50mm batten that can be fixed between the joists just above the ceiling and the two ends of the quilts can be stapled or fixed to the batten ensuring an airtight joint as shown on the following two diagrams.


If installing within the stud frame of a wall, either the 600mm wide or 1200mm widths can be used and these are fitted in a similar way but to the sole plate, header plate and the vertical sides of the studs.  In these cases, the vertical stud should be spaced at either 450mm or 1150mm depending on the width of quilt to be used.

(This product is also ideal for providing a soundproofing layer above lightweight suspended ceilings but you may prefer to use our more efficient Noisestopper pads instead.)