Acoustic Laminate Underlay Technical Specifications

The Drum Sound Test
The Drum Sound test is measured in ‘SONE’, a measurement of perceived loudness, scaled for human auditory sensitivities. The result of this test is simply shown as a SONE rating.

The test ratings confirm that our Acoustic Laminate Underlay significantly reduces ‘in room’ noise
when used under wood and laminate flooring, due to their heavy mass, stability and ‘stay put’
qualities which help to absorb sound energy. The test shows ‘in room’ acoustics can worsen if inferior or lightweight underlays are used – putting a lightweight, air filled, cellular product under wood or laminate creates an echo chamber......and more noise !

The graph below shows comparison between several laminate acoustic underlays, widely sold in the UK and all tested to the SONE standard.

Tested under Unilin UniClic 700 Laminate, at the Fraunhofer Institute Holzforschung Germany to EPLF - Norm 021029-1

Graph detailing acoustic efficiency of different types of laminate floor underlays and clearly showing that our laminate floor acoustic underlay is far superior at reducing noise

A = Sound Service’s Acoustic Laminate Underlay
B = No Underlay
C = Common PU Acoustic Underlay
D = Well known combination Acoustic Underlay
E = Well Known wood fibre underlay tiles
F = Well known transitional sound acoustic underlay
G = Common polythene 2.50mm cell foam