Quietfloor PLUS Installation Guide

Download this as a PDF file here or download our new simple pictorial install guide here




QuietFloor PLUS acoustic underlay for soundproofing the floor in a flat

The floor to be treated should be examined and any loose floorboards should be firmly secured using screw fixings so as to reduce the risk of squeaking when walked upon. The joints of the floorboard should ideally be sealed using our Acoustic Sealant followed by our 2mm thick mineral loaded SBM5 Soundproofing Mat butt joined.
No mechanical fixings required for this but for best results, the SBM5 should be glued using our spray contact adhesive sta’stuk. Our jointing tape can be used to seal the joints before installation of any further treatment if required.

Installation with carpet

QuietFloor PLUS acoustic underlay installed onto a separating floor brick pattern

Quietfloor PLUS can be laid using traditional carpet grippers. First nail down our perimeter strips around the edges of the room suitably spaced away from the walls to allow the edges of the carpet to be tucked into when fitting. Nail carpet gripper rods onto the top of the perimeter strips, ensuring they are at the correct height to take the carpet.

Tightly butt the Quietfloor PLUS panels against the perimeter detail and loose lay or glue across the rest of the floor ensuring the joints are tightly butted together.  Secure the joints with our Jointing Tape to ensure they remain tightly butted.  Loose joints will allow noise leakage and will reduce the effectiveness of the insulation.




Installation under a vinyl floor

For vinyl and bonded carpet finishes, bond the Quietfloor PLUS to the sub-floor in brick-style pattern.
Use our Spray Adhesive only, glue a layer of 6mm MDF or ply to the top of the tiles. The MDF edge detail should be a minimum of 50mm from any Quietfloor PLUS joint. An isolation gap of 5mm should be left between the wall and the MDF then fill the isolation gap with our flexible Acoustic Sealant.
MDF or ply boards should be bonded to each other using a good quality wood adhesive.

Installation under a T&G floor

If a t&g floor of at least 15mm depth is preferred instead of carpet, the QuietFloor PLUS must be installed across the entire surface of the floor as usual with the joints taped. Edging strips will not be required and should not be used.
Install the t&g flooring directly on top of the QuietFloor PLUS in accordance with the instructions supplied with the flooring but with the joints securely glued. Under no circumstances should mechanical fixings be used. An isolation gap of 5mm should be left between the wall and the t&g floor then fill the isolation gap with our flexible Acoustic Sealant.

installation on stairs

On stairs, first cut out Quietfloor PLUS panels to the right size then bond the Quietfloor PLUS to the tread and risers of the stairs using our Sta-Put Spray Adhesive. Nail perimeter edging strips to the tread or riser and where a nosing detail is required, install a section of MDF the same thickness as the Quietfloor PLUS

Download our new simple pictorial install guide here