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380ml tube Coverage: 10.5m based on 6mm bead.

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soundproofing: Acoustic Sealant

upright cartridges of Acoustic Sealant Acoustic Sealant in cartridge gun application skeleton gun for acoustic sealant

upright cartridges of Acoustic Sealant


Acoustic Sealant is a specifically formulated, high density gap filling mastic that offers excellent sound stopping properties without losing elasticity. It is also intumescent with a 4 hour fire rating. Acoustic Sealant is the preferred solution for filling gaps and spaces in separating floors, walls and ceilings and can be decorated after it has been smoothed and cured. Easy to use by professionals and for DIY soundproofing in the home.



Acoustic Sealant is a white, one-part Fire Retardant Water-based high density, flexible Acrylic Sealant. It exhibits good adhesion to a wide variety of common building substrates without the need for a primer. Paintable with emulsion paints three hours after application. Allow 12 hours before over painting with gloss paints.

When subject to fire the sealant will intumesce (expand and char), thus blocking the passage of fire and smoke.

Main Application

Recommended for perimeter sealing floating floors and in between joints of normal flooring to stop noise leakage before installing additional acoustic flooring products. This seal makes the floor more airtight thus enhancing the soundproofing properties of any sound reducing measures being installed on top.

This multi-purpose sealant can also be used for a wide variety of other gap sealing general purpose applications but is not recommended for use in external situations

These sealant tubes fit into a longer Skeleton Gun which we supply.

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