About 6 months ago I installed wall soundproofing with resilient bars, acoustic mineral wool and 2 layers of acoustic plasterboard.

I did this because of noisy neighbours and the result was so incredible I thought my neighbour had moved out!!

In fact this week they did move and I had the opportunity to go round and test it from the other side. I cranked my stereo to full volume and went round, all I could hear were the odd muffled bass notes. I was astounded.

I can't recommend you enough, I just don't think people realise there is a solution to neighbour noise, it is by far the most valuable addition I have made to my home.

Thank you very much for a wonderful product.

Kind regards

Tom Bullen

"I just wanted to thank you for your superb service and turn-around times. More importantly I wanted to thank you for providing the solution to my noisy treadmill situation!  I had recently bought a treadmill but it was too noisy for my neighbours downstairs. Since following the guidance on your web site and installing the products, what I thought was going to have to be a great financial loss became a usable (and noise bearable!) fitness solution in our flat, as we intended it to be!” L. Gooch. - Anti-Vibration Pad

"I would like to thank you for your assistance in purchasing the Sound absorbing panels, I was delighted to see that the basic DIY'er could very easily install these panels and can confirm that the installation was achieved with great success. We have been immensely pleased with the improvement in sound echo that just 40 panels have achieved. My thanks again for having a product which is great and does everything you said!"

J. Vaughan 96th Birmingham Scout Group - Echosorption Plus

To Sound Service Oxford

I have found the service from Sound Service excellent. Reliable deliveries an extensive knowledge of Sound proofing and great products. The SBM5(Soundproofing Mat) and the AMW Acoustic Mineral Wool has worked exceptionally well in the building and soundproofing of my studio. Well done Sound Service.

Gary Louca

"I want to express my sincere gratitude for the improvement your product has made for my home. Based on this, I enthusiastically recommend QuietFloor PLUS as a cost effective sound proofing solution."

Warm regards,

Gabriel Sobanjo

"I purchased a roll of your Acoustic Laminate Underlay and I installed it in one of the rooms of my flat last week. The underlay has noticeably reduced the noise of footfall on the laminate and I have not heard any complaints from my downstairs neighbours. It also seems to have insulated the floor from cold a bit better than the previous (cheap) underlay.

I may put in another order with your company soon."
Andreas Baas

"I am just writing to say how pleased I am with your products that I purchase from you from time to time. In particular, I am exceptionally pleased with the R10 system. I have been using the R10 system for many years in all my flat conversion projects because it always gives far better results when tested and I have never had a test failure.

Acousticel R-10 has been a reliable and effective system for us over the years. It keeps the overall floor height down and maintains its thickness over many years unlike other products. We highly recommend it as an isolated flooring system.

Keep up the good work and I look forward to using your product for many years to come."

E R Harris - R10

"Please accept my very sincere thanks to your customer services for all their guidance,advice and superb service given to me from my 1st order to this one.  

I have been delighted with everything about your company and this product; needless to say you may use this letter on your advertising as you so wish."

Robert Harwood - Banbury Soundproofing Mat

"Suffered extreme snoring noise from flat beneath. This was substantially reduced after installing your SBM5 and QuietFloor acoustic underlay. Will recommend your products and services to anybody"

H Davies – Essex - Quietfloor

"I recently placed an order for 20 QuietFloor panels which I have now received and am very pleased with.  I now wish to order a further 6 panels"
K Jeffrey – Scotland - Quietfloor

"I phoned Sound Service to order M20AD panels.  They are now fitted and work very well - big improvement"
M Heritage – Kent - M-20

"I ordered the Sound Barrier laminate as you suggested which arrived today.  I'd just like to thank you for the quick delivery and helpful advice your team has given, the matting worked a treat!!"
J Woolleson – Stockport - Foam Laminates

''We have ordered and installed the Wallsorption panels and Acoustic Underlay - all does the job perfectly - the acoustics are 1000 times better.  Thanks for your assistance".
A Cox – Bath - Wallsorption

''M20AD - I have to admit to some scepticism regarding your claims for this product, but after installation I am amazed at the difference it has made, so much so that I am now about to start on the upstairs rooms".
C Poulter – Rochester - M-20

"Just to let you know that both orders (12 Resilient Bars and 20 AMW75) have both been received.  Thank you for the very prompt and helpful service".
A Smith – Surrey - Resilient Bars