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SOUNDPROOFING: Soundproofing Mat (SBM5)

corner of SBM5 soundproofing mat being held with finger and thumb
end view of roll of SBM5 soundproofing mat thickness of SBM5 soundproofing mat being measured
corner of SBM5 soundproofing mat being held with finger and thumb

SBM5 is a Thin, Flexible Soundproofing Mat - Perfect for Domestic Soundproofing Projects

SBM5 Soundproofing Mat is a thin, flexible, very effective mineral loaded acoustic mat designed to reduce airborne noise through stud partitions, and timber joisted floors. Particularly useful for many domestic soundproofing projects.

SBM5 Soundproofing Mat Testimonial

" Just wanted to say a big thank you to you. Last week we bought some Soundproofing Mat as this was the only practical system we could employ on our flooring it’s worked a treat, it’s muffled it to such an extent that we can now at least live in our home again. Thanks for your advice and excellent product."                                                        John Robinson


Please note:
SBM5 is a heavy acoustic membrane loaded with naturally occurring minerals to give it mass. Soundproofing mat is nominally 2mm thick with excellent sound insulating qualities which will give significant sound loss improvements to lightweight structures when used as a sound barrier.

SBM5 Soundproofing Mat effectively reduces airborne noise

It is similar to lead of the same mass in effectiveness and acts as a thin de-coupling sound barrier between two layers of acoustic plasterboard on stud walls. SBM5 Soundproofing Mat also gives effective reduction of airborne noise when installed as several layers onto timber floors. Biggest sound insulation improvements can be achieved with three layers on floors and is an excellent home soundproofing material.

On its own, one layer of SBM5 has an insulation value of 24dB

Two layers has an insulation value of 29dB

Three layers has an insulation value of 32dB

A 3dB improvement is equal to a 50% reduction in the volume of noise!!

Use SBM5 Soundproofing Mat on Walls

3 stud partitions with and without SBM5 sandwiched between plasterboard

Sound absorption details of soundproofing mat used to soundproof stud partitions

SBM5 is not suitable for glueing directly onto masonry or stud walls. To get the best results from this product, it should be sandwiched between two layers of high density Acoustic Plasterboard as part of a stud partition soundproofing solution as detailed further down and is suitable to help reduce loud noise nuisance when used in this way.

If you are suffering from noise nuisance such as from normal speech or getting noise complaints from your neighbour, our M20AD recycled sound absorbing wall panel can be used to insulate the wall with the minimum loss of space. However, if it is loud music, loud speech and other similar volumes of noise, we suggest soundproofing the wall with an independent stud system using acoustic mineral wool, resilient bars and soundproofing mats combined with our acoustic plasterboard. The soundproofing mat is sandwiched between two layers of the plasterboard which in turn are screwed into the bars. Please click HERE to see the system in more detail.

Alternatively you can stick the SBM5 soundproofing mats directly to a wall using our Special Spray Adhesive before adding further plasterboard. The additional plasterboard layer should be added immediately to hold the SBM5 securely in place. This will help reduce the noise by acting as a decoupler but for better results you would use one of the systems.

Normally fixed to original panels of metal, wood and plasterboard etc, this acoustic mat is particularly effective at improving the sound insulation value of timber floors and stud partitions.

Using SBM5 Soundproofing Mat to Sound Proof a Floor

First ensure the floorboards are securely fixed to the floor and do not squeak when walked over. If necessary, secure the floorboards with strategically placed screws or angular ring nails. Then use our Acoustic Sealant to fill the joints between the boards and any gaps around the edge of the room. Make the floor as airtight as possible with this method. Then using Sta-Put Special Spray Adhesive adhere two to three layers of soundproofing mat to the timber floor. This will dramatically reduce airborne noise penetrating the floor from below or airborne noise penetrating the floor from above. It does not significantly reduce any footfall or impact noise. To reduce impact noise through the floor, have a look at the acoustic underlay we can offer.


SBM5 is a very heavy product and larger orders may require help with offloading!

Because SBM5 is produced from recycled manufacturing materials, there may sometimes be a ‘rubbery’ smell when the product is first unpacked. Usually any smell will dissipate within a few days but as a precaution, we advise applying a thin layer of polythene over the insulation on walls and floors before the final covering is installed to seal in any possible smells. If you should forget to include a polythene sealing layer when this product is sandwiched between two layers of Acoustic Plasterboard and a smell is evident, you can overpaint with a primer sealer that has been tried and tested by another customer. Click on the following link for more information

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