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600mm x 600mm x 10mm thick


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soundproofing:   Anti-Vibration Pad

Anti-Vibration Mat with red covering on top
Corner shot of Anti-Vibration Mat with ply on top Anti-Vibration Mat with thin board on top Buy Now small image
Anti-Vibration Mat with red covering on top


A 10mm thick recycled resilient anti-vibration pad designed for use beneath noisy machines of up to 100kg to absorb and isolate machine vibration from the floor. Ideal for use under washing machines, dishwashers, treadmills and other items that produce noise and vibration.


"I just wanted to thank you for your superb service and turn-around times. More importantly I wanted to thank you for providing the solution to my noisy treadmill situation!  I had recently bought a treadmill but it was too noisy for my neighbours downstairs. Since following the guidance on your web site and installing the products, what I thought was going to have to be a great financial loss became a usable (and noise bearable!) fitness solution in our flat, as we intended it to be!” L. Gooch.

"Thanks for sending me the Anti-Vibration Pad. Wow what a difference - stopped the ground floor shaking and plates rattling !!"Allen Gregory


The anti-vibration mat comprises a recycled texturised rubber panel designed to absorb and reduce point load vibration beneath noisy and vibrating machinery. Can be used beneath washing machines and other white goods, treadmills and many other types of noisy and vibrating machinery up to a maximum weight of 100kg.

This product is specifically designed to reduce vibration from many types of noisy machinery or exercise equipment.

The new and improved anti-vibration mat is only designed to absorb point load vibration when used beneath vibrating machinery. It will not reduce any airborne noise given off by the machinery other than the reduction achieved by reducing the vibration from entering the floor.

The anti-vibration mat is 600mm square and 10mm thick so is ideal for use beneath machines with limited height space and can be easily cut to size with a saw, jigsaw or sharp craft knife. For heavier machines where a greater level of anti-vibration is required, the AV Mats can be doubled up to give 20mm of vibration absorption. Airborne noise can also be reduced by lining any enclosure where the machine may be sited with sound absorbing foam.

A thin board should be installed between the machine and the AV Mat to support the feet of the appliance. Otherwise the feet will sink into the mat reducing its effectiveness. Any supporting board used should not come into contact with any walls in the immediate area and should be kept completely isolated unlike the AV Mat that can be trimmed to exactly fit any confined space.

More detailed application instructions can be viewed via the link on the rhs near the top of this page or by clicking HERE

The Anti-Vibration Pad is also often used under:

Bass speakers

Tumble Dryers

Home cinema sub woofers


Rowing machines

Mini Trampolines


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