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1m x 1m x 20mm

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soundproofing: ACOUSTICEL M20AD

Thin wall soundproofing

cross section of M20AD system fitted to brick wall with tape measure across
corner view of M20AD soundproofing panel for walls cut-away view of M20AD soundproofing system fitted to masonry wall

corner view of M20AD soundproofing panel for walls


A recycled rubber wall panel designed to upgrade the sound insulation properties of a party wall in all types of domestic properties where space is an issue.  When it is not possible to install thicker, more efficient soundproofing, this innovative sound insulating product is the answer for improving the soundproofing of any wall to reduce noise from the other side.

At less than 50mm (2 inches) thick, this ultra-thin concept is the preferred choice of architects and home owners when looking to upgrade the sound insulation properties of a wall when space is at a premium. The ideal domestic soundproofing solution for any party wall when space is limited.


"I ordered the M-20 panels. They are now fitted and work very well - big improvement"Matthew Heritage

"The materials are working very well and have reduced the noise propagation enormously. I am very satisfied with the products. .” Manuel Jimenez


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M20AD is a high density sound absorbing material for any home soundproofing project designed to absorb and block thus reducing the amount of airborne noise which penetrates poorly insulated walls. Easy to fit, this 20mm thick sound insulation is simply glued to an existing wall with two layers of 15mm acoustic plasterboard bonded on top. This is an easy solution to soundproof any party wall if you are disturbed by noise from your neighbours. Better sound improvements can always be obtained by using our Acoustic Plasterboard instead of normal grade plasterboard.

M20AD is ideal for insulating walls separating stairs and hallways where space is at a premium. Particularly useful for meeting Part E building regulations for airborne noise control through any separating wall.

The soundproofed wall shown in the detail below had a sound insulation value of 48dB DnT,W+Ctr which is approx. an 87% reduction in sound transmission and complies with the requirements of the latest Approved Document E Building Regulations. It is therefore, ideal for insulating walls separating stairs and hallways where space is at a premium.

Please click on our Tech Specifications link above to see further information.

M20AD soundproofing system fitted to masonry wall with key to materials

Please note: This sound insulation is effective at reducing noise levels, that should not normally be heard, for example talking, radio and TV sound. Loud noise such as music being played at higher volumes and bass noise will always be audible although its intensity will be reduced.

To get the best from soundproofing any wall is to ensure that the space between joists in floors are filled with Acoustic Mineral Wool adjacent to the party wall and the floors are overlaid with two layers of SBM5 Soundproofing Mats before commencing installation.  Also, ceilings should be upgraded with AMW or thermal insulating fiberglass and have an extra layer of 15mm Acoustic Plasterboard screwed to the ceiling with 1mm of SoundBlocker Membrane sandwiched between the layers.  Installation of this system should be in accordance with our instructions.

Because M20AD is produced from recycled rubber, a ‘rubbery’ smell may sometimes be noticed when the product is first unpacked. Usually any smell will dissipate within a few days. If a smell is evident after installation of the plasterboard, you can seal the wall with a primer sealer that has been tried and tested by another customer. Click on the following link for more information httpss://

To reduce loud noise please see our thicker Resilient Bar system


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