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Panel sizes vary from 600 x 600mm to 1200 x 900mm

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SOUND ABSORBER:  Artsorption Sound Absorbing Panel

Artsorption sound absorbing panel with painted coloured squares
Artsorption sound absorbing painted panel on wall with green plant on table blue painted Artsorption sound absorbing panel on wall of office

Artsorption sound absorbing panel with painted coloured squares


Paint-your-own wall sound absorption panels - perfect for home, school or office noise reduction

This product allows you to paint directly onto the acoustic sound absorbing canvas. A great solution for school classrooms with noise problems or creative designers


Reduce reverberated noise and noise that echoes

Artsorption is a new sound absorbing canvas that is supplied as a plain white panel that can be painted to present a decorative sound absorbing picture for walls. These high specification acoustic panels are developed to extensively transform open plan offices, conference suites, studios, interview rooms and any other workspace into suitable environments for communicating, listening and recording.

They are the decorative solution to your sound control requirements and are durable, fire resistant; can be visually pleasing according to your talents and their sound absorbing qualities offer excellent acoustic performance that can enhance any area that may be subject to noise problems caused though reverberated noise or noise that echoes.

Reduce noise with acoustic panels you decorate yourself

Artsorption acoustic wall panels are finished in high quality acoustically porous fabric that can easily be painted with your company logo, abstract designs, company products or a more ambitious scene such as a landscape.

By adding porous materials to the walls of a room, reflected noise is reduced thereby damping the echo effect and so making it easier to communicate. It is important to use effective sound absorbing panels for this, which will also fit in with the aesthetics of the room or building.

Decorative sound absorbing picture

This product MUST BE painted with ordinary matt emulsion in order to maintain the acoustic quality of the panel and it is important that the paint is not applied too thickly.

Installation They are easily bonded to a wall using our special Sta-Put aerosol adhesive that makes installation very easy. Full details on how to install these panels can be obtained by referring to the Installation Guide.

Photosorption sound absorbing panels are also supplied for walls and can have a photograph of your choice printed on them


Note!  This product will be made up according to the size required from our range.  Because this product is tailored to customers requirements, we cannot offer any refunds for its return.