Other Sound Absorbing Products and Accessories

The rest of our RANGE OF sound and noise absorbers

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quietroom - recording booth

quietroom - recording booths

Purpose made economical acoustic booths offering 34dB of sound insulation from inside or outside noise.


Echostik panels


These modern edgy sound absorbing wall panels are ideal for a workspace or office. They are available in 25 colours and various lengths.


Music Isomat

Music Isomat

The Music Isomat is designed to isolate large speakers from their surroundings. Ideal for gig equipment or a subwoofer.


Speakeron pair of  isolation pads

Speaker Isolators

Speaker isolation pads to reduce structure borne sound and increase music enhancement

Universal Ear Protectors

Universal Ear Protectors

A personal re-useable, cost effective, ready to use earplug that are available in one universal size that will comfortably fit all ears.

roll of black jointing tape

Resilient Tape

A self adhesive EPDM resilient foam rubber acoustic sealing tape for decoupling timber stud from the surrounding surfaces and floors from joists.

Sta-Stuck aerosol contact adhesive

Special Spray Adhesive

Special high strength, water/heat resistant aerosol contact adhesive. This is the only adhesive recommended for fixing any soundproofing materials.

rolls of acoustic fabric in different colours

Acoustic Fabric

An open weave fabric that allows sound to pass through it. Ideal for covering bass traps and speakers etc.

3 sheets of black self-adhesive FRHD foam


FRHD is a Class 0 product produced to a much higher fire resistance and density to give more efficient lower frequency sound absorption in airborne noise and reverberation.

layers of sound absorbing foam and sound barrier mat

Acoustic foams & industrial products

A wide range of sound absorbing foam for vehicles and machinery as well as non-flammable acoustic foam for the construction industry.

Sta-Stuk glue

Sta-stuk adhesive

Sta-Stuk is an aerosol contact adhesive that is ideal for bonding our sound absorbing panels to walls and ceilings.

Rolls of Expanding Foam Tape


A compressed gap sealing tape that slowly expands to fill voids.  Useful to fill gaps between window and door frames among other uses.