Building Firms Wanted For Nationwide INSTALLATION

We are looking to expand our installation catchment area to include most of the UK.

We have been supplying quality soundproofing materials and advice to the general pubic and industry for over 40 years and up to now have only offered an installation service in London and parts of the south.

With an increasing demand for noise reducing products in all parts of the company we feel it is now the right time to offer a national installation service to all our UK customers. 

“We are looking for reputable building or joinery firms that can offer a quality and high level service to our customers. Our products are simple to install and do not require any real specialist training but they do need a firm who will ensure they are installed correctly and will represent us in the area of installation.” Describes Stephen Young, Office Manager.

Any company who feels they meet this criteria and would like to be offered potential work in their area should email


cloudsorption - sound absorbing ceiling panels

Cloudsorption sound absorbing suspension panels

Today we also launched the new Cloudsorption Ceiling Tiles.

Cloudsorption panels are suspended horizontally from a structural ceiling giving more of a ‘cloud’ effect.  This method of installation is a far more efficient way of reducing reverberation within a room because it will absorb noise from both below and above the panel. Read more here




Acoustic wedge tiles

Acoustic Wedge Tiles for studio acoustics

Today we also launched our new Acoustic Wedge Tiles. A popular method of controlling reverberation within studios and music practice rooms.

Read more here




Acoustic Corner Cubes

Acoustic Corner Cubes from Sound Service

Today we launched our new Acoustic Corner Cubes. This specially developed   sound absorbing corner cube is produced to fit into a tri-corner area of any room   and compliments and increases the low end sound absorbency of our bass trap   type Acoustic Corner Traps.  Read more here



new Noisestopper Acoustic Ceiling Pads

Noisestopper Acoustic Ceiling PadsToday we launched our new Noisestopper Acoustic Ceiling Pads. Noisestopper Acoustic Pads are designed as an easy to install sound blocking insulation that can be laid on top of suspended ceilings. Suspended ceilings are often common to rooms separated by walls that end underneath allowing noise to penetrate the ceiling and easily bounce across any dividing walls into adjacent rooms. Due to the installation of services above suspended ceilings it is often not possible to extend these walls up to the structural ceiling above or even install an acoustic barrier above them. The answer is the installation of Noisestopper Acoustic Pads that simply sit on top of the existing ceiling tiles. Read more here


new "Egg Box" Style Acoustic Foam

Acoustic Egg Box foam  Today we launched our new Acoustic "Egg Box" style foam. The acoustic tiles are   a popular method of controlling reverberation within studios and music practice   rooms. They have a surface that resembles an egg box, hence their name and   are an inexpensive method of controlling the acoustics. Read more here




Noise Action Week (18 – 22nd May 2009) is co-ordinated by Environmental Protection UK the environmental protection charity supported by pollution control professionals. They have been working for a cleaner, quieter, healthier world since 1898.  For more info on Noise Action Week please go to

Why not join our Facebook page to network and share advice with others? As we are all aware social networking has reached an all time high, with people using sites like Facebook and Myspace to exchange information as well as catch up on the latest gossip.

Facebook is also used as a strong support network for people suffering with medical complaints and domestic problems.

We are pleased to have launched our own page which can be seen HERE. On this page you will see our main helpful articles and be able to comment on your own problems and network with others in a similar situation.  You may need a Facebook account to view this page.

Noise mediation is the preferred method of reducing unwanted neighbourhood noise but this does not always work or in some cases the complainant would rather soundproof their property.

Don’t go on suffering with your noisy neighbour; call our friendly team to discuss what would be the right treatment for you. There are no pressure sales and no sales person will need to call.

To see whats happening in your region click here


new acousticel brochure download

Today we launched our new Acousticel brochure. It contains only recycled soundproofing products. This range are very popular and many meet the Part E building requirements.

Acousticel Brochure  - Recycled soundproofing products that meet Part E


Noise Resource Library from Sound Service

Noise Resource Library  With 40 years experience supplying soundproofing & acoustic materials to  the Architectural and home refurb market, Sound Service (Oxford) has now  launched its online Noise Resource Library.

 Consisting of 30 detailed and varied articles on all types of noise problems  from noisy washing machines, how to reduce noise at work and current UK  noise law, this page is a must read for all noise sufferers.

 Many of the articles have been written by Sound Service’s expert technical  team and these have increased in volume over the last 4 decades.  Stephen Young explains further,

   “We don’t believe in withholding information that will help people reduce  domestic noise. Our library of articles is growing daily and we work closely with external agencies like the Noise Abatement Society to ensure we have the answers to all types of noise pollution on our website”

You can view this useful free resource at


40 years of sound service

Sound Service Celebrate 40 years of soundproofing supplies nationwideFrom its humble beginnings supplying car soundproofing in 1969, Sound Service has become one of the best known and respected names for soundproofing materials in the UK.

Based at Crawley Mill in the Cotswold countryside the team of dedicated technical staff ensure you are offered the latest in soundproofing design and innovation and this is partly why they have survived the test of time in a very competitive marketplace.


Architects and designers as well as rival soundproofing companies purchase products from Sound Service as they recognise the quality of materials sold.

In 2008 Sound Service created it's Green Policy and does all it can to reduce it's carbon footprint from manufacture to final delivery to it's customers.

The end of 2008 saw the launch of the company's shopping cart. where customers can now order over 60 % of the main product range with more products being added daily.

When shopping around or thinking of working with a new supplier Sound Service would ask this, Have you been selling your products for 40 years?



.........Grab a soundproofing Bargain






News from our domestic site

Noisy Neighbours could be a thing of the past!!!

Now has never been a better time to finally do something about your noisy neighbours.

Six out of ten people in the UK are annoyed by domestic noise and with Christmas approaching this number is bound to rise with drunken parties and noisy family get-togethers.

We have been supplying soundproofing materials in the UK for almost 40 years and have now launched our easy to install D.I.Y soundproofing systems.

They are designed for all types of floors, walls and ceilings and are supplied with step by step instructions.

With prices starting from just £28 per square metre for all the materials you need, you can’t go wrong.

 “In 2009 we will enter our 40th year supplying high quality effective soundproofing products to homeowners around the UK. Due to popular demand we have now created a range of simple systems designed to be installed by anyone with basic D.I.Y knowledge.”  Describes Stephen Young, our Technical Manager.

Not only do we offer free technical advice on our local rate phone lines but over 50 % of our products are made from sustainable materials or 100 % recycled rubber. With just two of these products we have managed to recycle 146,940 rubber car tyres which equates to 1,634 tons of rubber.

Don’t just take our word for it; the product pages on our website have genuine testimonials from domestic customers who have used the systems. “I have found the service from Sound Service excellent. Reliable deliveries, an extensive knowledge of Soundproofing and great products.”  Gary Louca.

So don’t put up with the noise any longer, give us a call, discuss your problem and see how we can help you. Or check out our domestic website


NEW gREEN catalogue


New Soundproofing Catalogue

We have today launched our new Downloads page which includes our main Soundproofing and Sound Absorbing product brochures along with all the individual pages for you to download.

Like many companies we send out hundreds of brochures and paperwork each week but are aware what impact this has on the environment.

We are encouraging all our customers to view our product info online and only print if they really need a hard copy.


D.I.Y Sustainable Soundproofing For The Environmentally Aware

We’re all becoming more environmentally aware with eco-friendly versions of everything from light bulbs to wall paint. But when it comes to the very fabric of your home, it’s often too late and too expensive to opt for green building materials.

With hundreds of soundproofing solutions available in the current market place for commercial and domestic use, we manufacture from sustainable materials such as recycled rubber where possible. 

“Very often, homeowners and tenants want to do their bit for the environment but can’t find a way that fits in with their budget and domestic requirements,” said Stephen Young, Office Manager. “Even in new builds, it’s hard to incorporate eco-friendly materials into things such as walls and floors. But with our range of recycled soundproofing solutions, practical home improvement is both affordable and socially responsible.” 

According to World Health statistics, half of the UK population is currently being exposed to more than the recommend levels of noise pollution, making soundproofing materials an excellent starting point for those wanting to go green in their home. 

Our 100% recycled rubber Acousticel wall panel is designed to upgrade the sound insulation properties of party walls in the home and all types of domestic properties, the rubber mats are an environmentally friendly way to insulate a noisy neighbour with a minimum loss of room space.

What have we achieved so far?  

Replaced 50 % of their soundproofing product range with recycled products or products offering a better sustainable index.

Managed to recycle 146,940 rubber car tires which equates to 1,634 tons of rubber with just two products.


we have moved !!


Sound Service Move to Larger Offices


We are delighted to announce we have now moved to our new larger premises.

Our new address can be seen near the bottom of our contact us page


Sound Service go super size !!


We are delighted to announce our move to new larger premises on Monday 11th August 2008.

The move to new premises will enable us to continue to deliver and expand our excellent range of Soundproofing and sound insulation products.  

We have designed our move so that it minimizes disruption to our customers but we would ask anyone faxing us to call to confirm we have received it.   During this period you may experience delays in getting through to us on our main numbers, please be patient.  

Our new address will be posted shortly.  

Thank you for your cooperation.


Sound Service Silence Tube stations

Sound Service Silence Tube stations


Tube Lines works in partnership with London Underground and is rebuilding the Jubilee line, Northern line and Piccadilly line, which together carry 40% of all London Underground passengers.

Sound Service has recently provided consultation and bespoke design to reduce noise at Tube stations during the early hours of the morning.

“We undertake development work at night when stations are closed and take great care to ensure we don't disturb our neighbours. We therefore needed to find an acoustic product to cover station entrances. We worked with Sound Service to develop a bespoke product, a removable curtain that we are now able to use across the Tube network.

“Their dedicated team was able to accommodate all our technical requirements and we're looking forward to working with them on further noise related issues," says Rachael Labruyere, from Tube Lines’ Environmental Team.

The Acoustic Curtain is now available nationwide.


no more noisy shower pumps ?

Enclosure Kit

Today we have launched our Enclosure Kits.

You use the Enclosure Kits to reduce reverberation and airborne noise in various size enclosures. Common applications would be Machinery enclosures, small pumps such as showers, plant machinery, compressors, office equipment and domestic appliances.

Supplied in a small and large kit they are not only cost effective but ideal for you to D.I.Y. For more information click HERE





Noise Action Week (19 – 23rd May 2008) is co-ordinated by Environmental Protection UK the environmental protection charity supported by pollution control professionals. They have been working for a cleaner, quieter, healthier world since 1898.  This year Noise Action Week is set to highlight street sounds as they are working in partnership with Walk to School, who are encouraging local travel co-ordinators to get kids out on the street as "Sound Detectives" during the week, sussing out sounds on their way to school. For more info on Noise Action Week please go to

Noise mediation is the preferred method of reducing unwanted neighbourhood noise but this does not always work or in some cases the complainant would rather soundproof their property.

Don’t go on suffering with your noisy neighbour; call our friendly team to discuss what would be the right treatment for you. There are no pressure sales and no sales person will need to call.

There is even a quick and easy to use program called “Sound Wizard” which can be seen above This should find the right product for your problem.


No more vibrating speakers

Anti Vibration Speaker Mounts

Today we have launched our new speaker isolators. The two new products help decouple the speakers from the source they are sitting on. By doing this you reduce the vibration and increase the quality of sound that the speaker delivers. We now sell a set for studio monitors and small speakers and a load bearing version for subwoofers or gig / PA speakers. Please click here to see the products.


Echosorption PLUS stops school back chat

Sound Service help Hillcross Primary School

We were called to Hillcross Primary School in Merton, London as their school hall was suffering from a noisy 'echo'. This severely reduced the ability to hold normal conversations within the room, particularly when the room was full of children and made it particularly difficult for children with hearing difficulties. 

We installed our Echosorption Plus sound absorbing tiles over the entire ceiling and this treatment not only enhanced the appearance of the room but totally transformed the acoustics.  The 'echo' was gone and the hall could once again, hold lots of children and staff with no difficulty in speech being heard and understood.  

"If you are unsure on whether you have a room that requires this treatment, stand in the middle of the room when it is empty and clap your hands once and listen to the echo.  If it takes more than a second for the echo to disappear then you have a reverberation problem that can easily be cured with our products."  Describes Stephen Young, Technical Manager

Echosorption Plus is available from stock and is very easy to install. To obtain a FREE sample please email with your details.


ARe you effectED by noise at your work?

Noise at Work

We are dedicated to ensuring you not only sleep at night but also are able to work peacefully.

We have launched our step by step guide and video to a quieter working environment.

You don't have to suffer in silence. Click HERE for the full story.




SOUND SERVICE launch domestic soundproofing website

50 % of the UK’s population suffers from noisy neighbours – Are you one of these?

SOUND SERVICE launch domestic soundproofing website


We have been supplying Construction companies and Architects with soundproofing materials and advice for nearly 40 years.


We are pleased to our new Domestic Soundproofing website.

The site is loaded with free help articles on how to soundproof all types of noise problems from cars to washing machines and contains a broad range of soundproofing products designed for D.I.Y

“We have always provided the general public with products but have now designed a website specifically with the public in mind. The new website is a simplified version of our main site and is aimed at our customers who want to reduce unwanted noise from neighbours.”

“When selling a property you now have to declare if you have noisy neighbours. Soundproofing therefore increases the properties value and makes it far more sellable if and when you want to move.” Describes Stephen Young, Office Manager.



SOUND SERVICE put children's hearing first

SOUND SERVICE put children's hearing first SOUND SERVICE put children's hearing first

We have been awarded a school contract to install sound absorbing Melamine Foam into a classroom and our Echosorption Plus into the main hall of Hillcross Primary School in Morden, Surrey.  The contract is to be carried out during the Spring Break in April and the end result will mean the children can hear the teacher more clearly and they are able to concentrate harder on their work.

The install team will be covering the ceilings of many classrooms and some of the walls to help absorb the sound generated by the children. "Many classrooms have poor acoustics. Adults will guess at missing words, children find it much harder to fill in the gaps and their educational development can suffer. The classrooms being treated have children with hearing difficulties and the reduction in reverberation will help them" outlines Stephen Young, Technical Manager for the company.



New Products Announced

New Products Announced New Products Announced

We have now added 2 new products to our range.

Tilesorption - Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

Tilesorption are sound absorbing ceiling tiles designed to reduce sound and echo within a room or workspace. They boast up to 39db sound insulation (room to room) Click the link above to see the product and it's benefits.

Acoustic Plasterboard

Acoustic Plasterboard is high in mass and this helps absorb sound energy, giving enhanced acoustic performance to the wall & ceiling. Click the link above to see the product and it's benefits.



2008 - Domestic Soundproofing

2008 - Domestic Soundproofing

New Domestic Website

During December our marketing team were busy working on our domesticwebsite. The website will still sell many of the items that are currently available on our Architectural website but the technical jargon and performance information will be written in plain English with no references to decibels but rather percentage rates of expected improvement.

The new site will be launched later this month and we will mention it further in the next edition of Reverberate.


Our aim for 2008 is to widen our range of sound reducing products and to offer the best possible systems from the UK and abroad. Our commitment to the environment will be at the forefront of any new product acquisition.

In 2007 we increased our range by adding 13 new products and are constantly developing new relationships with potential manufactures from around the globe.

We look forward to working with a broad range of Architects and would be more than happy to discuss any requirements you may have for PART E or other sound reducing issues.



PART E Systems

PART E Systems

As requested we have now added our PART E Wall and Floor systems to the relevant pages.

These pages outline the systems in greater detail and allow Architects & Specifiers to specify the products easily. We will be expanding these systems in the new year along with BB93 systems for schools and Class C suitable systems for open areas.




Acoustic Vents

Acoustic Vents are the latest addition to Sound Service's range. The Vents are the ideal solution where air must enter a room whilst reducing the sound leakage.

Although it's unadvisable to make holes in a wall when noise in concerned, if you must do this then the Acoustic Vents are the answer. To see more on this product please click HERE




Acoustic Sealing Tape

Sound Service (Oxford) Ltd has recently launched an Acoustic Sealing Tape.

The Sealing tape is a self adhesive EPDM foam rubber and is designed for sealing and cushioning stud work or battening. The EPDM is age resistant and chemically neutral against the most commonly used lacquers and plastics. These EPDM acoustic strips are resistant to most caustic chemicals, the ozone, moisture and UV radiation.

It is generally supplied in black 5 or 10mm thick / 10m length coils with a self adhesive backing but can be produced non self adhesive and in alternative thicknesses and widths if required.

Widths stocked are between 10mm - 100mm as standard in 10mm increments. You can find out more about this product by clicking HERE



Innovative Wizard works for Sound service

sound wizard

Sound Service (Oxford) Ltd is pleased to announce their new innovative Sound Wizard product finder.

Advising on the correct products to insulate your home against noise has always been a complicated process. Many companies spend hours on the phone advising customers as to the right products to use. At Sound Service (Oxford) Ltd they never shy away from speaking to potential customers but have designed, what they believe to be, the first interactive soundproofing advice software in the UK.

“Before developing the Sound Wizard we found that many customers needed advice outside of office hours and that we were inundated with technical emails the following morning” describes Steve Backhouse from the technical team.

 Sound Service have been working with Architects, contractors and the general public supplying sound insulation and sound absorbing products since 1969 and has recently undergone a major re brand and new website design.

 “Working with our experienced web team we have produced the interactive Sound Wizard which allows customers to obtain detailed technical advice 24 hours a day without the need to call or email us.

While this service does not replace a person it does allow us to effectively expand a complicated process of questions into a simple and easy to use programme” explains Tom Sykes, Development Manager. 


The wizard can be seen here


Sound Service Increase Product Range

Acoustic Lamainate Underlay

Sound Service is pleased to announce its latest range of products.

As well as launching (Syl) Linoroll - 5 in the UK earlier this month the company is now selling,

Door Sealing Kits,  - Uprate the sound performance of a standard door with our door seal kits.

Acoustic Fire Hoods  - For use downlighters in ceilings.

Bafflesorption - Our new suspended sound absorbers.

Acoustic Laminate Underlay  - For Impact reduction under laminate floors.

Acoustic Quilt  - Premimum sound absorption for use in cavities,

Ultra Thin Acoustic Membrane  - Sound dampening membrane for soundproofing ceilings.

For further information on these items please click on the links above.



(Syl) Linoroll-5 Launches in the UK.

(Syl) Linoroll - 5

Sound Service (Oxford) Ltd have today launched a new product made my Isolgomma, Italy.

(Syl) Linoroll - 5 is designed to be used under laminate and lino floors to reduce impact transference downstairs. The 5 mm thick roll is made from recycled rubber and is sold on a 12 sq metre roll for under £100.

Sound Service now provides a soundproof solution for every type of floor surface.



Working with Wimbledon Chase Primary School to Achieve BB93

Working with Wimbledon Chase Primary School to Achieve BB93

Sound Service are today installing Echosorption Plus ceiling tiles and Wallsorption into Wimbledon Chase Primary School to help them conform to the BB93 regulations.

The install team will be covering the ceilings of many classrooms and and some of the walls to help absorb the sound generated by the children. "Many classrooms have poor acoustics. Adults will guess at missing words, children find it much harder to fill in the gaps and their educational development can suffer." outlines Stephen Young, Technical Manager for the company.

The end result will mean the children can hear the teacher more clearly and they are able to concentrate harder on their work.



Quieter Webcasting for Oxford University

Quieter Webcasting for Oxford University

Sound Service were approached by the E - Research Department of Oxford University and asked if they would install a suitable product to reduce the echo in their hi-tech webcasting suit. After sending a technical adviser to the site it was decided that the rear wall would need to be covered in Wallsorption to absorb as much sound as possible. The installation is taking place today.



New website Launch

New website Launch

After months in development, Sound Service launch their new website dedicated to the construction and architectural industries.

“We have looked at our market very closely and made sure that our new site offers everything that a builder or architect will need when sourcing a quality soundproofing supplier” describes Stephen Young, the company’s Manager.

Working closely with Geoff Terrell of Trell Design the company has ensured that the site is viewable on most web browsers and is W3C compatible.

Sound Service is also working on a new website designed for the general public which will follow later in the year.



Sound Service become official sponsor for local football team

Sound Service become official sponsor for local football team

Sound Service is proud to renew its sponsorship with Cassington FC. The company is now the sole sponsor for the team until July 2009 and will feature on their website and football shirts. Marketing Manager Tom Sykes commented; “We endeavour to support local trade and industry where we can. We are pleased to say we have extended our sponsorship with Cassington FC for another 2 years” The team are currently second in theWitney & District Football Association Division One table. You can view their website HERE



Sound Service appoint new Business Development and Marketing Manager


Tom Sykes

Sound Service are pleased to announce the appointment of Tom Sykes as their new Business Development and Marketing Manager. Tom comes from a broad and extensive development background and has over 4 years specialising in the noise reduction industry.

Since joining the company Tom has overseen the re-branding and construction of the companies new website and phone system.

To view our latest Press Releases please click HERE