Soundproofing  Products, Materials and Accessories

Photo of acoustic booth or acoustic haven, soundproofed booth

quietroom - recording booths - NEW

Purpose made economical acoustic booths that can also be used as acoustic havens and offering 34dB of sound insulation.

Normal Acoustic Fence with gate


Acoustic Timber Fences for creating a noise barrier for reducing noise from roads, railways and industrial plant and premises.

roll of SBM5 soundproofing mat

Soundproofing Mats

SBM5 a thin, effective soundproofing mat designed to reduce airborne noise transmission through stud walls and floors. Excellent de-coupler between layers of plasterboard.

corner view of SAPT220 sound barrier mat

SAPT220 Foam absorption SOUND barrier MAT

Sound Barrier Mat incorporating sound absorbing foam. Ideal as a lagging material for noisy pipes or as insulating layer to reduce noise from machinery.

side view of SA25FFB6 soundproofing foam panel

Foam Laminate

Sound absorbing acoustic foam combined with a sound barrier for maximum reduction of noise from any small enclosure.

side view of 2 non-flammable soundproofing foam panels


A non-flammable sandwich construction with specially formulated fire resisting sound absorbing foam. Ideal for small enclosures.

corner view of 3 layers of Dedsheet

Dedsheet - vibration damping sheet

A sound insulating and vibration damping sheet for thin sheet steel to stop them from resonating.

Acoustic fire resistant sound reducing hood for inset ceiling lamps

Acoustic Hoods

Easy to install fireproof Acoustic hoods for use with recessed lighting to reduce noise penetration.

corner of AV mat with red surface

Anti-Vibration Pad

10mm thick, grey recycled resilient rubber mat designed to absorb and reduce vibration from washing machines and other noisy equipment.

roll of black self-adhesive Jointing Tape

Jointing Tape

Black jointing tape for sealing QuietFloor acoustic underlay and finishing the joints of film faced acoustic foam along with other soundproofing materials.

roll of self-adhesive resilient foam tape

Resilient Sealing Tape

A self adhesive EPDM resilient foam rubber acoustic sealing tape for decoupling timber stud from the surrounding surfaces of floorsceilings and walls.

Resilient sealing tape held by a hand

Acoustaseal REsilient tape

High performance resilient sealing tape for sealing joints from noise leakage.


upright cartridges of Acoustic Sealant

Acoustic Sealant

An easy to use Acoustic sealant. Its unique high density and flexibility will stop noise penetrating holes and gaps in ceilings without cracking.

upright roll of wire netting or chicken wire

Wire Netting

Wire netting is a cheap method of securing acoustic mineral wool between joists of separating floors.

Sta-Stuck aerosol contact adhesive

Special Spray Adhesive

A general purpose, high strength, water/heat resistant aerosol contact adhesive. Ideal for fixing sound insulation to floors when necessary.

Sta-Stuk aerosol contact adhesive


For bonding sound barrier mats and recycled rubber sound insulation.

Universal ear plugs

Universal Ear Protectors

A personal re-useable, cost effective, ready to use earplug that are available in one universal size that will comfortably fit all ears.

Sound absorbing acoustic foam and sound barrier mat


A wide range of sound absorbing foam for vehicles and machinery as well as non-flammable acoustic foam for the construction industry.

Rolls of Expanding Foam Tape


Rolls of compressed foam tape that slowly expands to seal and fill gaps.  Useful between window and door frames when fitting into walls as well as a wide range of other uses.