Sound Absorbers For Ceilings

We provide a range of ceiling sound absorbers

corner view of Coresorption sound absorbing panels


These sound absorbing panels are used to absorb sound and improve the acoustics within rooms. An ideal solution for DIY studios to reduce reverberation.


Zellige Emotive Sound Absorbing panel in red

Emotive Sound absorbers

An innovative new concept that controls noise and reverberation and adds elegance suitable for traditional and contemporary rooms.

Echosorption Plus sound absorbing tiles on ceiling of drum room

Echosorption Plus

30mm thick efficent sound absorbers for ceilings. Effective in school halls and classrooms. A Class C absorber and suitable for use in common areas of flats.

Tilesorption sound absorbing tiles in a suspended ceiling


White sound absorbing replacement ceiling tiles for grid systems designed to reduce reverberation (echo) within any room or workspace.


Cloudsorption sound absorbing suspended panels


Horizontally suspended from a structural ceiling giving more of a ‘cloud’ effect. They absorb noise from both below and above the panel.


Woodsorption veneer faced perforated sound absorbing wooden panels


Hard wearing sound absorbing wood panels available in 16 different veneers.

classroom with cloudsorption shapes installed


Coloured suspended sound absorbers supplied in a variety of different cloud type shapes

can of Sta-Stuk adhesive

Sta-stuk adhesive

Sta-Stuk is an aerosol contact adhesive that is ideal for bonding our sound absorbing panels to ceilings.

Melamine sound absorbing tiles in white or grey

melamine acoustic foam

White or grey lightweight melamine ceiling and high level sound absorbing panels with a smooth finish.