Sound Absorbers For Walls

OUR range of EFFECTIVE, decorative sound absorbing panels for walls

soundabsorbing bubblesorption circles on wall


Sound absorbing panels supplied in a wide range of interesting shapes and sizes.


three panels of Echostik in white and red


These modern edgy sound absorbing wall panels are ideal for a workspace or office. They are available in 25 colours and various lengths.


two Soundtrap panels on wall

Wall soundTrap panels

These are exceptional quality Wall SoundTrap panels for the discerning listener that will not cost the usual exorbitant prices.


Zellige sound absorbing panel in red

Emotive Sound absorbers

An innovative new concept that controls noise and reverberation and adds elegance suitable for traditional and contemporary rooms.

corner view of pile of Coresorption panels


These sound absorbing panels are used to absorb sound and improve the acoustics within rooms. An ideal solution for DIY studios to reduce reverberation.


Wallsorption panels on wall of school hall


Decorative fabric covered sound absorbing wall panels designed to reduce reverberation (echo) within a room or workspace. Ideal for offices, halls and schools.

Artsorption sound absorbing panel


This product allows you to paint directly onto the sound absorbing surface. A great solution for school classrooms or creative designers.


corner of Steelsorption sound absorbing panel


Robust steel faced sound absorbing wall panels designed to reduce the reverberation (echo) and overall noise levels within an industrial workspace.


Screensorption acoustic office screens


Freestanding sound absorbing budget office screens and for other noisy workstations.


Screensorption sound absorbing freestanding office screen


Freestanding double sided sound absorbing screens for offices and other noisy workplaces.


Sound absorbing non-flammable melamine foam in white or grey


White or Grey non-flammable lightweight melamine sound absorbing foam with a smooth finish. Used on ceilings.


Soundbuster freestanding acoustic screen for noisy workplaces

Soundbuster Freestanding Acoustic Screens

Freestanding sound absorbing screens. Can be used to form a 2 metre high wall to screen noise from nearby personnel.

Photosorption sound absorbing photograph with small picture of strawberry


This product is the perfect solution for combining a great acoustic absorber with a photograph of a fresh modern image or company logo that can easily be mounted on a wall.

Woodsorption sound absorbing perforated veneered wooden panels


Hard wearing sound absorbing wood panels available in 16 different veneers.


rolls of acoustic fabric in different colours

Acoustic Fabric

An open weave fabric that allows sound to pass through it. Ideal for covering wall sound absorbers.

Sta-Stuk contact adhesive

Sta-stuk adhesive

Sta-Stuk is an aerosol contact adhesive that is ideal for bonding our sound absorbing panels to walls and ceilings.






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