Sound Absorbing Acoustic Foam and Products

We provide a range of sound absorbers for industrial applications

Whisper Foam being power washed

Whisper Foam - NEW

Lightweight water resistant fire resistant foam suitable for outside installation

corner view of layers of Dedsheet on tin panel

Dedsheet - vibration damping sheet - NEW

A sound insulating and vibration damping sheet for steel boosted with high functional heavy fillers and additives.

Steelsorption robust sound absorbing panel corner view


Perforated Steel sound absorbing wall panels designed to reduce the reverberation (echo) and lower overall noise within an industrial workspace.


drawing of pump on resilient mount in enclosure


Sound absorbing acoustic Enclosure Kits to reduce noise from small plant and machinery.



car bonnet with underbonnet pad fitted

DIY Car Soundproofing Kits

Easy to install DIY acoustic foam based car soundproofing kit.



corner view of sheets of foam in grey and black

Sound Absorbing Foam

Sound absorbing acoustic foam designed to reduce reverberation and airborne noise emitted from machinery. Ideal for small enclosures.


corner view of black non-flammable foam

Non Flamable Sound Absorbing Foam

Non-Flamable acoustic foam designed to reduce reverberation and airborne noise. Ideal for enclosures and machinery covers.

side view of soundproofing foam

Soundproofing foam

Sound barrier/foam designed for maximum reduction of noise from any enclosure. Ideal for boat engines, compressors etc.

corner view of two sheets of black soundproofing foam


A non-flammable sandwich construction with specially formulated fire resisting sound absorbing foam. Ideal for small enclosures.


pile of three black FRHD high density foam panels


FRHD is a Class 0 product produced to a much higher fire resistance and density to give more efficient lower frequency sound absorption in airborne noise and reverberation.

corner view of SAPT220 sound barrier mat

SAPT220 Foam absorption barrier layer

Sound Barrier Mat incorporating sound absorbing foam. Ideal as a lagging material for noise pipes or as insulating layer to reduce from noisy machinery.

cut away view of acoustic screen

Soundbuster - Freestanding Industrial Acoustic Screens

Freestanding industrial acoustic absorbent screens. Ideal for noisy & factory based workspaces.

Acoustic Curtain for industrial noise

acoustic curtain

Acoustic Curtains have a wide range of uses from dividing noisy areas to reducing loud vibrations. Each one is produced to order. Not suitable for domestic use.

PVC jointing tape for QuietFloor and film faced products

PVC Tape

Our black PVC tape for finishing the joints of Quietfloor and film faced acoustic foam.


roll of self-adhesive aluminium jointing tape

Aluminium Jointing Tape

Our fireproof tape for finishing the joints on our FRFFB6 foam and other products.


Sta-Stuck aerosol contact adhesive

Special Spray Adhesive

A general purpose high strength, water / heat resistant clear web spray contact adhesive.


pack of Universal Ear Plugs

Universal Ear Protectors

A re-useable, cost effective, ready to use earplug that are available in one universal size that will comfortably fit all ears.