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1200 x 600 x 6mm thick

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soundproofing:   MDF6 FLOOR PANEL 6mm thick

View of tongue and groove joints of 6mm MDF thin panel
View of 6mm MDF thin panel

  view of tongue and grooved 6mm thin MDF flooring panel



MDF6 is a thin 6mm tongue and grooved MDF panel for installation on top of our acoustic underlay such as Linoroll or QuietFloor to provide a stable support for the floor covering of Lino, vinyl, ceramic or carpet tiles.


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This easy to handle and use thin MDF tongue and grooved panel has been specially developed for use on top of our Linoroll impact absorbing acoustic underlay for vinyl, lino and ceramic tiles. Fire resistant to Euro Class D of the new European classifications and can be glued or loose fitted on top of Linoroll, Quietfloor plus or other acoustic products.



1. Ensure the entire floor area is swept free of debris.
2. After gluing down the Linoroll wall to wall, glue the MDF panels on top as follows.
3. Work is commenced from one edge of the floor, staggering the joints in successive rows   and working towards the exit. Ensure each panel is glued down using our Sta-Stuk contact adhesive.
4. Cut the groove from the long and short edges of the first corner board using a cross-cut saw..
5. Allow a 10mm expansion gap between the thin MDF panels and all walls or existing skirting. Seal this gap with Acoustic Sealant.
6. The last board in the first row is cut to length and the off-cut carried forward to commence the second row, ensuring that joints are staggered.
7. This procedure is continued until the last panel is fitted.
8. To ensure tight jointing, each tongue and groove is glued using a PVA adhesive.
9. Any unavoidable gaps are filled with Acoustic Sealant.
10.The completed floor must not be walked on for at least 48 hours to ensure the glue used in the tongue and groove joints has fully cured.

Once the joints are fully cured, the vinyl or lino can be fitted as normal. If ceramic tiles are to be used instead, these should be fixed using a flexible adhesive/grout.

If skirting boards are to be fitted after installation, ensure the bottom edge is at least 1mm clear of the floor to obtain maximum impact reducing performance.

Care must be taken not to damage the joints of the panels before installation. If any damage does occur, simply cut away the damaged section and use as normal or for cutting in around the edges of the floor.