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1200mm x 600mm
(50, 75, 100 mm thick) 4ft x 2ft
(2”, 3”, 4”)

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key benefits

soundproofing: Acoustic Mineral Wool (AMW) for Cavities

upright AMW sound absorbing acoustic mineral wool slabs
stack of AMW sound absorbing acoustic mineral wool slabs thickness chart of acoustic mineral wool

upright AMW sound absorbing acoustic mineral wool slabs


Acoustic Mineral Wool acoustic infill for cavities of stud partitons and floor joists is a Rockwool type product designed to give maximum sound absorption when loosely installed into the cavities of floors, walls and ceilings. It will effectively absorb airborne sound and when used in conjunction with other acoustic materials will help bring separating floors and walls into compliance with Part E of the Building Regulations. PLEASE NOTE This is not a loft insulation type wool but an acoustic mineral wool that is produced to a specific density to give maximum sound absorption.


"I have found the service from Sound Service excellent. Reliable deliveries, an extensive knowledge of Sound proofing and great products. The SBM5 and the AMW Acoustic Mineral Wool has worked exceptionally well in the building and soundproofing of my studio. Well done Sound Service." Gary Louca "Was an excellent product in that it reduced the overall ceiling drop we had to make, and was actually more effective than traditional materials. Fully recommended for all your noisy neighbour needs!" James Clark


The density of Acoustic Mineral Wool is specifically designed to be more efficient than many alternative methods of sound control and is the optimum solution when looking for an effective acoustic insulation to give added soundproofing control when installed between the joists of floors and into stud partitions. Acoustic Mineral Wool (AMW) is the preferred environmentally friendly sound absorber extensively used in buildings and throughout industry to give acoustic, thermal and fire insulation.

Acoustic mineral wool sound absorption installed between ceiling joists

It is particularly useful as a sound absorbing infill for the reduction of airborne sound between flooring joists, suspended ceilings, stud partitioning and in combination with our Resilient Bars for soundproofing ceilings & walls and also helps achieve Part E for separating floors.

AMW is non-flammable, chemically inert and is not adversely affected by any substance it may come into contact with. Each slab is made from 22% recycled raw materials.

Random arrangement of fibres ensures no water penetration in any direction. It is rot-proof, non-hygroscopic, does not sustain vermin and will not encourage the growth of fungi, moulds or bacteria. It will not react with wired plastic or metal wall ties, brickwork or masonry. The ideal soundproofing solution.



We also supply SoundBlocker Quilt which, although more expensive, performs 4 times better than our 100 mm thick mineral wool and is only 52 mm thick. This is an ideal option if you have a limited cavity depth.