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2400mm long x 197 – 581mm wide x 18mm thick

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Sound Absorber:  Woodsorption - Sound absorbing decorative wood panels

samples of Woodsorption sound absorbing veneered wood panels
Woodsorption installed on wall and ceiling of room Woodsorption being fixed to a batten on a wall

samples of Woodsorption sound absorbing veneered wood panels


Hard wearing sound absorbing decorative wood panels available in 16 different veneer finishes.



Since wood is a natural product, the Woodsorption range of acoustic wood panels creates a naturally aesthetic solution to noise control. The unique features of these very effective acoustic panels give a warm organic appearance offering a finish to compliment any area. Surface choices include real wood veneers, wood print laminates and paint finished timber sound absorbing panels.


Woodsorption panels are suitable for almost every application including use in schools, studios, reception areas, lecture theatres, offices and commercial buildings. Woodsorption panels are exceptionally durable and abuse resistant making them particularly appropriate for areas that may require a high degree of impact resistance such as sports and recreation halls, police interview rooms, court rooms, offices, reception areas, factories and workshops.


Woodsorption sound absorbing panels consist of a finishing surface, base core board and black acoustic fleece backing. The base core board is 18mm thick MDF sheet with a finish laminated to its front face and black acoustic fleece adhered to its rear face.

Woodsorption panels are manufactured with tongue and groove joints. Thanks to the precision of the tongue and grooves a perfect finish is achieved when Woodsorption panels are installed and secret fixed.


Length (mm) ......Width (mm)

2400 ................197/293/581

For overhead ceiling applications, 293mm width panels are recommended


Woodsorption panels cannot be supplied as curved panels but they can be indexed or stepped around a gentle radius giving the appearance of a slow staggered curve. The radius should be greater than 5m to achieve this.

SURFACE FINISHES – Please see the wood finishes page above

REAL WOOD VENEERS: These acoustic panels are faced with natural wood veneers. Due to the natural characteristics of wood, veneer colours and grains cannot be guaranteed for consistency or match.


These acoustic panels are faced with a printed laminate paper which imitates natural wood but is not produced from real wood. Variations may also occur between different production batches. This type of finish is not as damage resistant as real wood veneer.

PAINTED FINISH: Woodsorption acoustic panels can be supplied with a primer sprayed finish in either white or grey.

For maximum sound absorbing performance, Woodsorption should have our non flammable acoustic foam installed behind them.

Note!  This product will be made up according to the size and finish required from our range.  Because this product is tailored to customers requirements, we cannot offer any refunds for its return.

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