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12” (305mm)wide x 6” (158mm) thick. Also also available 2ft (610mm), 3ft (915mm) and 4ft (1220mm).

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sound absorber:   Echo-Stik Acoustic Panel

a row of three spaced coloured Echo-Stik sound absorbing panels
a row of three nested coloured Echo-Stik sound absorbing panelsa single yellow coloured Echo-Stik sound absorbing panel

a row of three spaced coloured Echo-Stik sound absorbing panels

overview - sound trap panels for walls

Echo-Stik sound trap panels for walls are a range of sound absorbing panels covered with an acoustically porous linen fabric supplied in a colour of your choice from our range. They will change the way normal sound absorbing acoustic treatment looks and performs for the better. Thanks to the fantastic shape of these acoustic panels the surface area is increased by in excess of 50% without taking any more space on a wall.  This means they will be more efficient at absorbing more of those disruptive sound waves affecting your listening enjoyment and are suitable for studios, offices, reception areas, schools along with a wide range of other potential installations.

description - acoustic treatment for sound absorption

This exciting range of acoustic treatment will change the way sound absorption looks and performs. The sound absorbing panels are available in three sizes. 12” (305mm) wide by 6” (158mm) thick but also available 2ft (610mm), 3ft (915mm) and 4ft (1220mm).

Revolutionary sound trap panel design, shape and performance

Due to the revolutionary design, shape and performance of Echo-Stik the surface area of each panel is over 50% more than a conventional flat panel and can be supplied in a colour that will tone in with your existing decor. This greater surface area ensures the acoustic panels trap more of those negative and disruptive sound waves and so remove flutter echoes more efficiently thus shortening the reverberation time within a room. The unique shape of the panels also mean they can absorb much lower frequencies than more conventional flat acoustic panels making them even more efficient. Mid range frequencies are stronger and longer than higher frequencies so usually means it takes greater thicknesses of foam to absorb these mid range frequencies and stop them from reflecting back into the room. The variable thickness of an Echo-Stik panel means that a greater range of frequencies are efficiently absorbed and restricted from influencing the direct sound emitting from loudspeakers in studios.

D ring suspension fitting for Echo-Stik sound absorbing wall panel

Echo-Stik sound absorbing panels can be fitted as single panels spaced or installed in clusters on walls and ceilings. We can also supply the hardwood links to fix two or three panels together. As well as being installed along walls they can also be fitted into corners.

All of these panels are hand crafted and have been fully tested to ensure they give maximum sound absorbing performance. The panels are made using only professional grade acoustic foam faced in a coloured open weave linen cloth sourced from sustainable sources and highest quality MDF. The panels are durable and hardwearing but at the same time soft to the touch with the feel you would come to expect from our acoustic treatment solutions.  There is a choice of over 25 different colours (See chart above right)  so are confident we will have a colour that suits you.  The acoustic treatment conforms to the fire furnishings regulations as do all of our products so you can be sure of the utmost safety for your home and workplace.

Note!  This product will be made up according to the size and colour required from our range.  Because this product is tailored to customers requirements, we cannot offer any refunds for its return.