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SOUND ABSORBER:  Emotive Sound Absorbers

nest of three zellige tile shaped sound absorbers in two colours
nest of hokusai tiles resembling hills several white cloud 9 circular sound absorber suspended from ceiling

nest of three zellige tile shaped sound absorbers in two colours


Emotive Sound Absorbers are an innovative new concept that can effectively control noise and reverberation within enclosed spaces and at the same time, adds style and elegance suitable for traditional and contemporary environments.



The new range of Emotive Sound Absorbers comprise a variety of shapes that can be mixed and matched to form interesting and eye-catching patterns on walls and ceilings.

several cloud 9 sound absorber suspended from ceiling at different heights



They are made up with non-flammable sound absorbing foam covered with fire resistant fabrics available in a selection of colours from our range. The panels are supported on a board backing to enable fixings of your choice to be fitted during installation or they could simply be glued in position using a good quality contact thick adhesive.




nest of three Essence sound absorbing Emotive tiles in two shades of greyedge of tiles in red and blue showing stitched fabric

These stylish new sound absorbers are ideal for schools, boardrooms, conference rooms, hotels, restaurants, common areas of flats and offices among many others. If you are looking for something different yet remains effective at reducing noise within enclosed areas, this is it.

For more details of product types and layouts, click HERE.


Emotive sound absorbers fitted as different designs to walls


Hokusai sound absorbing panel in grey from the Emotive rangeZellige sound absorbing panel in red from the Emotive range


Sound absorption performance graph for Emotive sound absorbers


Note!  This product will be made up according to the size and colour required from our range.  Because this product is tailored to customers requirements, we cannot offer any refunds for its return.


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