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sound absorber:   Freestanding Industrial Acoustic Screens

cut-away view of metal sound absorbing acoustic screen with key to materials
cut-away view of inside industrial sound absorbing screen perforated surface of acoustic screen

cut-away view of metal sound absorbing acoustic screen with key to materials


Freestanding industrial grade sound absorbing screens. Ideal for screening personnel in noisy and factory based workspaces and machine shops.


These acoustic screens have exceptional sound absorbing performance. Supplied as a single sided acoustic unit with an internal sound absorbing core. These have two sound reducing functions. It reduces direct sound transmission from one work zone to another by blocking the noise and it also absorbs noise, thereby reducing flanking sound reflections into adjacent work areas. These sound protecting screens can also be arranged to form a box around noisy machinery and can be easily cleaned.


The screens are constructed from 18 swg pre-primed sheet steel with perforated pre-galvanised 22 swg sheet steel face having a minimum 30% open area. They are infilled with non-flammable sound absorbing mineral wool protected with a non-light reflective dust membrane. They are available freestanding or on castors and can be easily wheeled away when not in use.

The screens are supplied with a grey primer finish ready for painting by the customer. We can also supply these painted at an additional cost.



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Availability usually two weeks from receipt of payment and confirmed order.

acoustic screen sample with hand held electric drill

Sound absorbing coefficients and graph of acoustic screen