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5m x 1m
5000mm x 1000mm

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part-e compliant:

Acousticel R10 Floating Floor Insulation

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Acousticel R10 is a recycled resilient rubber mat designed to reduce impact noise when used beneath floating floors on timber joisted floors.


" I am exceptionally pleased with the R10 system. I have been using the R10 system for many years in all my flat conversion projects because it always gives far better results when tested and I have never had a test failure. Acousticel R10 has been a reliable and and effective system for us over the years. We highly recommend it as an isolated flooring system." E R Harris Building & Contracting


A recycled rubber resilient insulation to isolate floors for effective impact noise reduction through timber suspended floors in flats and specifically designed to help bring a separating floor into Part E compliance for any floors between new flats.

Independently tested, this very effective method of sound control is the popular choice for all flat conversions and complies with the latest Building Regulation requirements.

This unique recycled mat is also ideal for soundproofing a floor in existing flats, homes and a wide variety of other domestic uses and should be used to create an independent floating floor to reduce impact and airborne noise nuisance.

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