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Supplied as a slab 1m x 1m x 20mm

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part-e:    M20AD Thinner Part E System for Soundproofing Separating Walls

M20AD recycled rubber sound insulation for walls
cross section of brick wall soundproofed with M20AD system cut-away view of brick wall soundproofed with M20AD system
M20AD recycled rubber sound insulation for walls


This thinner M20AD Part E system for soundproofing walls complies with the Building Regulations for noise control through any existing separating wall.  At a maximum of 50mm thick the M20AD system is ideal for soundproofing walls where space is at a premium such as stairs and hallways.


"I ordered the M20 panels. They are now fitted and work very well - big improvement.” Matthew Heritage

"The materials are working very well and have reduced the noise propagation enormously. I am very satisfied with the products.” Manuel Jimenez


Part E system for party walls
New Build +5°C to +40°C
DnT,w + Ctr dB DnT,w + Ctr dB
48 48
Part E Acoustic Requirement
New Build Refurbishment
DnT,w + Ctr dB DnT,w + Ctr dB
45 43

Components and Fixing Data:

Technical Data
Application: Party Wall
Mass per Unit: 225 kg / m2
Footprint Width: 45mm
Fire Protection: 60 Minutes

cut-away view of M20AD soundproofed brick wall

cross section of M20AD soundproofed brick wall with materials key

M20AD Information

M20AD is designed to absorb and reduce the amount of airborne noise which penetrates poorly insulated party walls. This due to its unique combination of high mass without losing its sound absorbing properties. Easy to fit, this 20mm thick insulation is simply glued to any wall using our Sta-Stuk special adhesive and with two layers of 15mm Acoustic Plasterboard bonded on top (30mm total thickness) and is an easy solution if you are disturbed by moderate noise from your neighbours.

It is ideal for insulating walls separating stairs and hallways where space is at a premium. Particularly useful for meeting Part E building regulations for airborne noise control through most walls.

The soundproofed wall shown in the detail below had a sound insulation value of 48dB DnT,W+Ctr which is approx. an 87% reduction in sound transmission and complies with the requirements of the latest Approved Document E Building Regulations. It is therefore, ideal for sound proofing walls separating stairs and hallways where space is limited.
Please click on our Tech Specifications link above to see further information.

This system is designed to comply with Part E of the building regulations to control noise through separating walls. The type of noise these regulations are addressing is normal household noise that would not normally expect to be heard. Loud noise or low frequency thump such as from stereo systems is more difficult to address and can only be treated with a much thicker sound insulation system such as can be achieved with our independent soundproofed stud system. Click HERE for more information