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Can size: 500ml Coverage: 6-8m2/can

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soundproofing: STA-STUCK Aerosol Contact Adhesive

Sta-Stuck name on can of aerosol contact adhesive bottom of Sta-Stuck can Sta-Stuck spray pattern being applied

Sta-Stuck name on can of aerosol contact adhesive with SS logo and company name


Sta-Stuck is an aerosol contact adhesive for bonding sound absorbing foams and general lightweight soundproofing and sound absorbing products.  


Sta-Stuck is a special, sprayable contact adhesive designed specifically for bonding acoustic foam.  It is an adhesive that will more reliably stick these products with no adverse effect. It is low odour, has a high solids content and is water and heat resistant with permanent flexibility.

Directions FOR USE

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