product details

Standard 2.4 x 1.2m
Self-adhesive 2.4 x 1m
available in 25mm and 50mm thick

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key benefits

sound absorber: Whisper Foam

Whisper Foam being power washed
  Cut-away view of Whisper Foam  Whisper Foam applied to a fence

Whisper Foam applied to an outside fence



Whisper Foam is a sound absorbing water resistant acoustic foam suitable for external use and designed to reduce reflection and absorb reverberation and airborne noise. Because it is water resistant, it is ideal for fixing to walls and fences to help block and absorb noise.



Whisper Foam is designed to be a lighter and easier sound absorber to control reflected airborne noise by reducing the sound bouncing back from hard surfaces and so reduce the overall noise level in any area suffering from reverberated noise. Being water resistant it is ideal for external applications and as can be seen from the photo above, can even be power washed.



Applications for this acoustic foam can be many such as an internal lining of enclosures around machinery that uses a lot of liquid, plant machinery, motor vehicles such as boat engine compartments or heavy goods vehicles. 

The absorption element of this foam is provided Light weight by design, its closed cell structure makes it water resistant without the application of a secondary skin. With excellent acoustic performance the product meets a number of fire safety standards, including Din 4102 (Class B2).

Supplied plain or with a self-adhesive backing.  

Please note Whisper Foam is not fireproof, if a non-flammable acoustic foam is required, use our FR class 0 type foam.

Supplied plain or with a self-adhesive backing.